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Case Study

Ideation to Activation

A refreshed online presence, reduced customer service call volume, and the introduction of a new brand

Ideation to Activation


Carfinco provides automotive loans for new and used vehicles to Canadians utilizing a network of franchises and select independent partners. In order to improve their overall customer experience, Carfinco identified the need for a new and more expansive online customer journey.

Carfinco engaged DevFacto to lead an Ideation Workshop which resulted in a three-pronged strategic approach, including:

  1. Self-Service Portal: Online self-service capabilities for customers coming through the traditional dealer-buyer relationship.
  2. Direct to Consumer App: An innovative new way of interacting with current and potential customers.
  3. Corporate Site: Redefining Carfinco’s corporate online presence.

Armed with fully defined roadmaps and project plans, Carfinco needed a trusted IT partner to assist in implementing their new strategy.


A successful project requires more than great code; it’s about partnership and working together to deliver software humans love to use. Following an insightful Ideation Workshop, Carfinco re-engaged DevFacto for the project implementation. With a deep understanding of Carfinco’s requirements, the transfer of knowledge to the development teams was detailed and efficient.

In order to ensure a smooth build, DevFacto utilized the roadmaps created during ideation along with:

  1. regular and open communication of updates, timeline or budget risks
  2. project backlog “Grooming Sessions” to ensure focus and alignment
  3. MVP adjustments
  4. team commitment to deliver an industry-leading product and customer experience


Through carefully executed ideation and implementation engagements, the partnership has:

  1. refreshed Carfinco’s entire online presence;
  2. reduced customer service call volume (by providing a new customer self-service portal); and
  3. introduced a new brand (AutoArriba) for interacting with clients at the beginning of their vehicle loan journey.

Each of these new programs work together to establish a digital foundation that transforms the way Carfinco interacts with consumers, while also providing a platform for future innovation.