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From design to implementation to support, our priority is to build and maintain software that provides value today, and that will adapt and grow as your organizations needs evolve.

Software Design and Delivery

From off-the-shelf tools to entirely custom solutions, we believe that finding the right fit starts with asking the right questions.

At DevFacto, we offer full cycle custom software planning services. From ideation, to design to implementation, our teams maintain the highest quality standards in building solutions unique to your needs.

“DevFacto was an ideal partner as they demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our business and the underlying technologies, and applied application development best practices. Together we built a highly scalable portal to better support our school jurisdictions.”

– Tarick Ahmad, CIO, ASEBP

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Creating an Exceptional Experience

A successful project is more than just great code; it’s working with our clients and delivering a great experience from the minute we say ‘hello’.

Quality Assurance

We stand behind our work and deliver a rock solid product, every time. Our dedicated QA teams ensure you’re happy with the solution you receive.

Delivery Assurance

On time, on budget, and beyond expectations. We aim to deliver a ‘WOW’ experience in each of our client engagements.

Ideation and Conceptual Design

Designed to identify opportunities, generate innovation, and leverage technical expertise, Ideation is all about building the right thing.

By combining the best of Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Design Sprint methodologies, our process is an opportunity to innovate, creating meaningful competitive advantages for your business.

User Experience Design

The foundation of any successful solution is great user experience. Applications must be usable, accessible and enjoyable to interact with in order to survive.

At DevFacto, we understand that people, not computers, use your applications. Our UX specialists design applications to minimize learning curves, reduce user frustration and increase productivity.

Cloud Expertise

Cloud computing is changing how companies make use of their IT investments. It can improve flexibility, reliability, security and more, all while remaining cost-effective to deliver increased value on investment.

Our team can work with you to unlock significant value in your organization, from the development of your cloud strategy, to implementation and support.

A custom solution designed to deliver impactful results.

The Challenge

Capital Power Corporation (CPC) develops, acquires, operates and optimizes power generation from a variety of energy sources. To facilitate growth, CPC places an important strategic focus on annual business planning, however, the initial process to develop these plans was highly manual and collaboration was difficult.

A custom solution designed to deliver impactful results.

The Solution

DevFacto built a Business Planning System (BPS) web application. Integrated with CPC’s existing Oracle ERPs. BPS facilitates the business planning process by allowing departments to update key financial planning data from Oracle as they enter management commentary around positioning, risks and objectives. The system supports collaboration between departments and within organizational hierarchies as well as detailed reporting as the planning process is underway.

A custom solution designed to deliver impactful results.

The Outcome

BPS has increased visibility and traceability of each business plan and streamlined overall facilitation of documents at CPC. The information gathered through this process is more complete and of higher quality and vertical and cross-functional collaboration has been enhanced, ultimately leading to a more effective organizational practice.

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