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We create environments where humans love to ask and answer questions

through a combination of data engineering, data analytics, and data management.

Data engineering

Gathering and organizing data in a format that is easily analyzed by leveraging modern platforms and techniques such as data warehousing, automation, and Big Data.

Data analytics

Deriving value from data through dashboarding, operational reporting and building advanced analytical outputs which leverage data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Data management

Ensuring that data is formally managed to enable the production of trusted and high-quality insights through master data management, data governance, and data quality efforts.

Strategic insight blended with data science and technical mastery

To succeed, you need a partner who can connect strategy to practical technical execution and turn your data into actionable insights. We bring years of global software delivery experience to every partnership, helping our customers create leading edge solutions that transform their organizations.

Answer questions with deeper insight and use visuals to make the message clear
Data Governance & Certification Guide
Data Governance & Certification Guide
Apply a governance strategy that delivers trusted data at the speed of business
Data Innovation Labs
Data Innovation Labs
Employ the methods of agile startups, experiment with novel ideas to discover solutions that strengthen your organization
Data Virtualization
Data Virtualization
Connect to all your data sources, combining and publishing data in business-friendly form
Implement practices that bring speed and agility to the entire end-to-end data pipeline process, from collection to delivery
Power BI Success
Power BI Success
Improve quality and ensure your data models are maintainable by putting them through rigorous automated scans

Positive outcomes for hundreds of projects

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Keys to success

At DevFacto, we understand that no matter where you are on the journey, the key to business intelligence success is a strong partnership with the business. That’s why our approach is flexible, comprehensive and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Business lead

Typically, the business knows what it needs to accomplish as well as what the data represents. Putting the business in the drivers seat will result in solutions that are adopted and impactful.


Data ingestion and data services must reflect the nature of the business they represent - as a result, they rarely can be thought of as a static deliverable but rather a living product.


Access to both data outputs and clean sources boost trusted usage throughout the organization and ensure all can benefit from the preparation efforts.


Intentional architecture and supporting framework ensure consistent quality of reporting assets, prevent orphaned work or duplicated effort, and ensure a solid foundation for future needs.

Guiding principles

Business intelligence, data and analytics activities are not a project; they are a core function of the organization.
Our delivery mechanism is an agile, iterative one supported by an evolving governance framework. Governance evolves and grows in convert with the solutions being delivered.
Our approach to data and analytics encompasses governance, change management, and information management. Our approach is larger than simply designing and implementing solutions using a set of technical tools.

Certified by the leaders

We're partnered with companies that are leading the way in this exponential era to ensure our customers receive well informed guidance and access to certified specialists.

The leading data virtualization platform offers all the necessary capabilities of a logical data fabric
The most comprehensive productivity applications and cloud solutions on-premises, hybrid, multi-cloud or at the edge