High-velocity insight capabilities powered by Denodo

A future-proof data virtualization platform that meets your business, security and governance needs.

Why partner with DevFacto?

DevFacto is an innovative data and analytics consultancy that partners with organizations to realize value from their data. We recognize that value drives insight which leads to better decisions and new opportunities.

We believe a successful data and analytics function lies in an iterative, business-driven, end-to-end approach that begins with rapid proof-of-value and leads to the establishment of a program dedicated to strategic, on-going value delivery in support of your long-term goals. Successful data solutioning is the result of a big picture approach driven by business value identification and realization, and agility. It requires a collaborative approach between your business, IT, and data and analytics partner teams.

A modern approach to data can be a challenge to implement. We can help you get a handle on your current data landscape and begin transforming it by:

  • Planning for rapid initial value for your data consumers and establishing a comprehensive data and insights roadmap and capability
  • Focusing on data virtualization as a central element of high-velocity solutioning supported by a future-proof data infrastructure that meets your business, security, and governance needs
  • Partnering to iteratively implement your enterprise data solution by responding to evolving business needs
  • Developing a culture that ensures your users are trained, your business is engaged and agile, and you're equipped to continue the evolution of your data program
Whether you want to start with an impactful proof-of-value solution or by laying the foundations for an enterprise data program, DevFacto has the approach and experience to make our partnership a successful one.

Let’s get started.

If you’re interested in learning more about the value DevFacto + Denodo can offer, common usage patterns, and the value we bring, have a look at the resources below.

Things You Need to Know About Data Virtualization

10 Things Your Need To Know About Data Virtualization

Through 2020, 35% of enterprises implemented some form of data virtualization as one enterprise production option for data integration. So, what is data virtualization and why should you care?

The Roles of ETL ESB and DV Technologies in Integration Landscape

The Roles of ETL, ESB, and Data Virtualization Technologies

Learn how data virtualization supports a wide variety of sources and targets and works with Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) strategies.

Data Virtualization Usage Patterns

Data Virtualization Usage Patterns

Data Virtualization platforms enhance BI/DW architectures by providing a layer of abstraction and encapsulation, reducing replication, centralization governance, and much more.


Denodo is the leader in data virtualization providing agile, high performance data integration and data abstraction across the broadest range of enterprise, cloud, big data and unstructured data sources, and real-time data services at half the cost of traditional approaches.


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