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Quality Conf 16.2 Recap: The New SharePoint Framework

People have been enhancing SharePoint over the years using custom JavaScript solutions. However, there have been times when changes done by Microsoft have broken those solutions. With the release of the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), currently in developer preview, Microsoft is providing developers a new way of enhancing SharePoint…

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Quality Conf 16.2 is Ready to Roll!

At DevFacto, it is not often that we have the opportunity to gather our entire company in one city, but when we do, we make it count. This week, our colleagues are traveling to Edmonton from across the Prairies and in advance of our holiday party, we’ve dedicated an entire working day to learning and building relationships at ‘DevFacto Quality Conf’.

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Surfacing On-Premise Data in Power BI

If you have been looking at Power BI, or are in the process of implementing it, one of the things you have undoubtedly questioned is whether you can surface your on-premise data in Power BI. The answer is that you can, and in this blog post, I’m going to walk through how that is done within the context of Power BI.

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How Workshops Work For Us

When starting a project there’s a million things to do but little time. But after this workshop, participants were enthusiastic and energetic. Someone even said that the day flew by. Here’s how we did it:

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My Life at DevFacto as an Intern – Week 1

I’ve only worked here for a week, but in that week I have learned why DevFacto has an employee retention rate of above 90%. Because they don’t talk about doing all the great things that other companies talk about doing, they do them.

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Thinking in the New World of Technology

People are more mobile, their work is more mobile, and they no longer want to be tied down. So why should they allow you to hold them hostage when there are options that allow them the freedom that they crave? This isn’t the world your parents grew up in. Need proof?

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QualityConf 2015

Favorite session sketchnotes from DevFacto QualityConf 2015 held on March 27-29 at Stone Ridge Mountain Resort in Canmore, Alberta.

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Why Would I Buy Nintex?

In my previous blog post ECM Governance – Part Five, I mentioned that I should post about Nintex and discuss how to determine an ROI for the purchase. So, let’s dive right in and talk about Nintex:

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Software is Meant to Evolve

Many organizations don’t fully consider that software is meant to evolve. This has a negative effect on the quality of a solution and can leave the business vulnerable for competition to disrupt.

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The Art of Sketchnoting

The only thing holding you back from sketchnoting is that you don’t spend time writing or drawing. The process of sketchnoting is unique, in that the only rules are those you slowly build yourself. It is easy to start sketchnoting because the barriers are low, because there is no expectation (beyond the goals you set for yourself) that govern what the page looks like when you’re done.

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ECM Governance – Part Four

In this post, we continue the description of different categories of guiding principles for a SharePoint implementation (note that these are not the only categories as some may need to be added or removed depending on the purpose of the solution).

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Think Like Google X, Test Like Netflix

Do you test anything in your daily work? I do. I test prototypes with end users to ensure the developed ideas actually work for those using them. There are strong indicators lately that I need to take testing more seriously, especially when another piece of encouragement bubbled to the surface recently.

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The Next Mobile Frontier: Context

The next frontier of mobile devices will do our work for us by using context: automatically noting where you are and what you are doing to predictively aid you in your job. Workers from any industry can take these mobile devices, equipped with an impressive array of onboard sensors, everywhere they go. This information can then easily be used to help employees perform their work more efficiently and more safely.

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Making Good Apps Great

Making an app is fairly easy but the overwhelming majority of apps are average or maybe even good. Taking it to the next level is much harder. What makes a good app great?

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Customer-First Development

Too often, our user stories are lies. We write stories that misrepresent what the user really wants to do and our stories are biased toward our implementation preferences right from the start. We’re polluting our solution before it even has a chance. We should be brutally honest about what the user really wants to do and then focus on that first. User first.

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Assessing Your SharePoint Maturity

My answer to any sort of SharePoint planning first involves assessing your maturity levels and using that for any strategy or roadmap planning. In this post, I share my approach and the exact measures I use to assess the maturity of a SharePoint service.

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Project Zen

Now and then, I may be somewhat dissatisfied with the nature of a project but if I want to complete my transition from developer to consultant, I must learn to work on any project, in any environment to do my best work.

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ECM Governance – Part Three

In my last post, we examined the idea of guiding principles and how they are used to set a foundation for our ECM. We identified several categories or “Areas of Impact” that these principles could be separated into and next, I would like to start by detailing the intent of each of those categories.

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