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Hitting the wall
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What's in a session?

half day session

Half day session

6-10 people

6-10 people

2 facilitators

2 faciliators

free session

Free session!

How do the sessions look?

In-person session

In-person session

Virtual session

Virtual session

What do the outputs look like?

These sessions are problem-centric. While the approach might look similar, what varies the most is the outputs. We tailor these to the situation and customer need. The best outcome is a team aligned on solving a problem, but we'll squeeze every drop of value into these outputs to support them in that work.

Below are a few examples of outputs that we see consistently providing value. There are always new problems, methods, and approaches that shape and improve these outputs. 

Session Canvas


Alignment Map


Prioritization Matrix


We get results!


How do I get signed up?

These FREE innovation sessions book up quickly!

Sessions are 3 hours in length and allow for up to 8 of your people. This is a dedicated time for you to meet with our innovators. We work through a process that offers a fresh perspective and unlock some of the best ideas hidden away in your organization. Bring a mix of whoever you think is part of the solution.

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