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The DEVFACTO INNOVATION FRAMEWORK (DIF) provides structure for our teams and clients to work collaboratively to deliver the biggest impact possible on any given effort.

It has evolved over years of taking work from ideas and exploration, through delivery, to thriving in the world. We're formalizing DIF to bring alignment, consistency, and focus as we solve problems at any point in a project.

This framework allows us to repeat past successes, create clear expectations day-to-day, and improve for the future. In our mission to create a positive impact with technology in the world around us, our people need to balance many things. They need structure and freedom, tools and time, big picture thinking and laser focus. To work best with our clients, DIF will provide the alignment and shared language that every team needs.


Aligned & Focused

Understanding the problem is not enough. Great ideas are not enough. An amazing team is not enough.

DIF is a framework, not a methodology. That means it's a non-linear approach that can apply to anything, at any stage of thinking or phase of completion. It is designed to get a group of people focused on the problem at hand, and provide everything needed to make the biggest dent possible in that problem. Impact where it is needed most. It's not prescriptive, but it provides a great starting point for any challenge.

If you're ready to start, we can kick off sessions that will clarify your biggest needs and your best next steps by envisioning an ideal outcome.

The DevFacto Innovation Framework

Our five modes of thinking, to help you at any point in a project or a day, with a team or working solo.

Let's imagine, build, and operate game-changing technology, cross-functional and cross-organizational teams work together in all of the five modes: Envision, Define, Make, Review, and Adapt.


Are you curious about how modes work?

These overlapping diamonds help us focus our intent and our actions to produce better outcomes.
Read more to understand why modes are important, and how they are used.

Freedom, with guidance

Rather than prescribe, DIF empowers teams to make considered choices as they work towards their goal.

It provides them with the best support in achieving that goal, in the form of tools, methodologies, recommended approaches, and other insights.

ENVISION – What is the problem?

DEFINE – What would best solve it?

MAKE – How might that look & work?

REVIEW – Are there impactful ways to improve it?

ADAPT – Have we found other important problems?


If you're ready to get started, we would love to hear from you!