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Since 2007, DevFacto has developed ideas and software solutions for companies across Canada and around the world.

A fresh approach to productivity and innovation. A trusted approach to security and compliance.

Financial services institutions are constantly under pressure to transform and take advantage of new technologies in order to remain competitive in their markets. However, they also face the more difficult challenge of balancing this consistent evolution with intense regulatory expectations.

DevFacto can help your financial services organization centralize data and processes across departments, increase corporate collaboration, strengthen security, and develop dynamic banking tools to assist both your staff and your customers in their experience.

With over 10 years of experience working with financial services organizations, DevFacto understands how to navigate your industry effectively. Our team will work with you to deliver unique solutions that will drive collaboration and growth

“The DevFacto team always delivers top quality work and adds value beyond what’s expected.”

Robin Reiss, Strategy Director, FIRMA Foreign Exchange

Focusing on what matters to the financial services industry

At DevFacto, we blend industry experience with technological expertise to address what matters most to your financial services organization.

Regulatory Requirements

Increasing and more complex industry regulation and compliance requirements

Risk Management

Re-imagining and re-architecting your risk management capabilities for the future

Process Improvement

Improving processes to control or enforce regulations, internal governance polices and external laws


Threats and security concerns such as fraud, identity theft, insider and outsider data theft and tracking

Business Intelligence

Deploying business intelligence to better understand customers and raise employee productivity


Creating applications that differentiate your services and promote innovation in a commoditized industry


Targeting specific markets (e.g. aging population, millennials) with distinct software and solutions

Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud to increase efficiency, agility and collaboration across your entire organization

Reach out and say hello!

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B. Scott Hryniuk, VP Business Development

Creating an Exceptional Experience

A successful project is more than just great code; it’s working with our clients and delivering a great experience from the minute we say ‘hello’.

Case Study: Re-envisioning ASEBP’s benefit services experience

DevFacto’s ideation methodology helps ASEBP to re-envision their approach to technology and customer service. The resulting system design is strategically rolled-out and ultimately improves member satisfaction by reducing the average length of calls.

“DevFacto was an ideal partner as they demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our business and the underlying technologies, and applied application development best practices. Together we built a highly scalable portal to better support our administrative jurisdictions.”

Tarick Ahmad, CIO, ASEBP

“DevFacto has been instrumental to our SharePoint migration. The team is very knowledgeable and has provided many solutions along the way.”

Joann Potie, Manager of Business Services, Concentra Bank