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AI Content Processing

Automate the capture, ingestion, and categorization of content and streamline content-centric processes.

Many organizations have tried eliminating papers or automating their content on-boarding process for a long time and still it is a noble pursuit! They have loads of historical files and paper documents as well as new documents that are entering their organizations on daily basis. Some of them need to be retained for compliance purposes, some of them need to be scanned, indexed, and stored in other applications like ERP systems.

Our clients are telling us that data-entry, scanning, and uploading documents such as invoices, contracts, HR benefit forms, lease agreements, statement of works and many other document types to LOBs and legacy systems is error prone and labour intensive. And classifying documents for compliance and records management purposes also requires managing and applying taxonomies and metadata which is time and cost exhaustive.

Modernize Content Processing with SharePoint Syntex

Using advanced AI and machine teaching technologies, SharePoint Syntex helps you to automate content processing and unlock the information in your documents with they way you or your employees operate today.

Content Understanding

Creates no-code AI models that trains itself with handful of sample documents and becomes an expert to classify your content, extract information and automatically apply metadata to your documents.

Content Processing

Using Power Automate, simplifies the ingestion and categorization of your content like starts an approval process, uploads document to other systems or performs many other simple to complex actions.

Content Compliance

With integration to Microsoft Information Protection and Governance, classifies and labels content and facilitates compliance and records management.

Syntex supports both form processing and document understanding models:

  • Form Processing Model: to process structured and semi structured documents such as invoice and other forms where the data is typically in the same location in the document.
  • Document Processing Model: to process unstructured documents where the information is contained in blocks of text. For example a statement of works, lease extensions or contracts.

If you are thinking of improving your operations by digitizing your new or historical paper,files and other digital documents, let us give you a demo on how SharePoint Syntex and DevFacto can help you during this journey.