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Transforming Communities

Software innovation for nonprofits

The DevFacto Community Foundation is a program that connects talented young developers with not-for-profit organizations to create software solutions that make a difference. Through the foundation, we want to help our local communities innovate the best way we know how – by building software that humans love to use.

Over the years, we noticed that charities have a hard time keeping up with technology. In particular, they struggle with building custom solutions, apps, and portals that empower their missions and enable unique experiences for their sponsors and supporters. While modern technology can make a big difference to not-for-profit organizations, we know that limited budgets often stand in the way.

We are also very committed to empowering the next generation of software developers. We are always looking for new ways to train, mentor, and help students launch their careers.

So we decided to create the DevFacto Community Foundation as a way to accomplish both of those things. Talented young developers do the coding, while seasoned DevFacto consultants manage and guide their work. This offers not-for-profits a chance to build custom applications at a fraction of the cost.

How DevFacto can help your organization

We work with global clients across industries, creating meaningful software solutions that accelerate their business. Our team works at the forefront of business transformation and technical-innovation with a focus on practical execution. We bring this same "make it matter" attitude and technical mastery to the communities we live in.

These are some of the ways we can help:

App Development
App Development
Web and mobile apps provide that next level of engagement with your audience
We'll work with you to build a website that engages your target audience

How we work together on your solution

Discovery & Ideation

Not sure where to start? Unsure if your organization could benefit from custom software?

At DevFacto, our first step is to get to know you.  Your business.  Your processes.  Your pain.  Tell us about your day to day.  Where do you spend most of your time?  Are there administrative tasks and chores that get in the way of the work you'd like to be doing?

Through our discovery and ideation process, we identify areas of your business that would benefit the most from custom software solutions.  This could take the form of a website, a mobile app, a report or dashboard that provides insight into your business.  Our goal is to find the solution that's going to provide you the best business value and recommend technologies best suited to deliver.


Scoping & Estimation

Now that we've gotten to know you and have identified areas where DevFacto could help your organization, it's time to talk specifics.  We partner with you to identify where your money is best spent, what's going to be possible with your budget, as well as create a roadmap of where you want to go and how you can get there.  Even if that extends beyond the scope of our engagement. 


Build & Implement

We'll start by building a minimal viable product (MVP).  The goal of the MVP is to identify the smallest piece of functionality that we can deliver immediately, that does something useful, and that you can provide feedback on.  The idea being that the rest of project is spent improving upon the MVP with enhancements, new features, and adapting the solution to change with your business's changing needs.  At DevFacto, most projects run on two week cycles (we call them sprints).  At the end of each sprint we demo, discuss what we've built, and collect feedback.  This feedback is collected, and we discuss with you what features and functionality we should work on next.  This process results in a solution that contains the features that are going to be the most useful in the coming months and years thereby delivering the greatest value.

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