World Information Architecture Day YEG

Unfamiliar with information architecture? So was I until I attended the IA summit in San Diego last March. It was there that I first learned about World Information Architecture Day. 

The Information Architect Institute  is a “group of people who are dedicated to promoting the concept, craft and community of information architecture” and World IA Day is one way that they work towards achieving this goal.

When I was at the conference, I was absolutely blown away by the sense of community I felt. It was amazing to see so many professionals gathered in one place to share knowledge, experience, and simply better each other’s lives.  In the end, I decided that I wanted to be a part of it and as a result, I looked into ways that I too could become further involved. Aside from signing up for my IAI annual membership, I set a goal for myself that I would bring World Information Architecture Day home to Edmonton, AB.

What is World IA Day?

World Information Architecture Day is a free one-day conference hosted annually by the Information Architecture Institute and held simultaneously in selected cities all over the world. Each year, a new theme is chosen, new cities are added, and our community continues to grow as more people from all across the world join this truly global celebration of IA.

IA is also a growing and vital part of user experience. Edmonton is a flourishing hot-spot for information technology and the number of UX professionals in related fields is growing rapidly alongside it. By bringing together IA and UX practitioners and affiliates and sharing their knowledge across the world, we can create a prosperous and truly global community.

Why Host World IA Day?

DevFacto has a fantastic user experience team. Part of our mandate is to provide the best user experience, both in the products we create and the process it takes to get there. I wanted to bring together some peers to help myself and my team grow in our knowledge and experience in the information architecture field. Additionally, I wanted to reach out and grow a local community of peers to show, share and discuss all things IA. It is my hope that World IA Day YEG is just step one in the creation of such a community.

So, if you have the same desire to learn more about IA, are interested in getting more involved the growing IA community, or just want to see what World IA Day is all about, come on down to Startup Edmonton on Saturday February 21, 2015 and take in some of the talks and great conversation. You can register here.

Additionally, DevFacto’s own Portals and Collaboration Practice Lead, David McMillan, will be speaking at the conference. In case you can’t make it, he’ll be leading a great introductory IA webinar on Wednesday, February 25 at 10am MST. You can register for the webinar here.