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What’s in a Name? The Magic of the Sparrow

Why Sparrow? It’s easy to take a sparrow for granted. Sometimes the same sentiment applies to internal communication. The truth is communication exists in organizations whether it’s strategically managed and measured or not.

Although sparrows are small, they are also powerful. We feel the same way about internal communication. It has a halo effect on all business results, connecting employees with business direction and their role in business success. At DevFacto we believe that happy employees equal happy customers, so we not only spend a lot of time communicating, we spend a lot of time listening and measuring the impact of internal communication on the business.

Sparrows remind us that we don’t need to have the loudest voice to be heard.

Our new internal communication app, Sparrow personifies the qualities of sparrows.

Sparrows work as a team, relentlessly driving forward to achieve their goals. Fastidious and productive, they remind us that idle minds and hands rarely produce a full, healthy life. A master of flight, camouflage and adaptation, sparrows teach us to use our creativity to get around in life by thinking outside the box.

Sparrows follow a simple rule – assess the situation and the solution with come to you. Sparrows love being part of a community. They are friendly birds committed to the success of each other, but the sparrow’s most important lesson is that small can be powerful when small is played as a strength.

We believe that Sparrow is a great name for our new app that measures the power of internal communication, providing real time data that not only informs strategy, but helps you connect employees with the organization and each other.

Contact us for more information about how Sparrow can help your internal communication strategy take flight and build community in ways that make a difference to business results.

This post was originally written by Claire Watson, ABC, MC.