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How to Measure Internal Communications - Free Webinar

Communicators are increasingly searching for ways to measure internal communication. But deciding what, why and how to measure can be challenging. Communication, after all, seems far removed from data science.

Yet, the benefits of measuring internal communication are indisputable. With consistent, reliable data you no longer need to rely solely on gut feel when planning and executing your strategy. What’s more, being data-led gives you an opportunity to:

  • First, link internal communication to business outcomes and,
  • Second, support decisions to guide and improve overall communication strategy.

So why is communication measurement a mystery, and what can you do to demonstrate the impact of internal communications?

In this practical webinar, Sean Williams, Vice President at True Digital Communications and Laura Konsorada, Marketing Director at DevFacto discuss the standards for internal communication (IC) measurement and explain how you can apply them in your practice. They show how to get started on measuring communications and offer an actionable AMMO framework (Audiences, Objectives, Messages, Methods) for jump starting your program. They also go over the proven methods for measuring communication outputs, outtakes and outcomes that help communicators demonstrate the organizational impact of IC.

Watch the webinar below to learn more about:

  • The recommended standards for measuring internal communications
  • The benefits of measuring internal communications
  • How to apply the standards to your strategic communication planning
  • How the digital workplace presents the opportunity to pull it all together

About the presenters:

Sean Williams, Vice President at True Digital Communications, internationally-acclaimed expert, member of the Institute for PR Measurement Commission, and member of the PR News Measurement Hall of Fame.

Laura Konsorada, Marketing Director at DevFacto Technologies, creators of Sparrow Modern Workplace.

Curious about measuring the impact of internal communication in the digital workplace?