My Life at DevFacto as an Intern – Week 1

I’ve never been in an office like this before, but then again, I’ve never worked in an office where its people came first before. Read more

QualityConf 2015

I had an amazing time at QUALITYCONF. I will jump at any chance to sketchnote some great topics from engaging speakers, and QUALITYCONF did not disappoint. This DevFacto event happened from March 27 to 29 at Stone Ridge Mountain Resort in Canmore Alberta. Read more

One Program to Manage It All: What is Information Governance?

Information value is growing substantially within today’s organizations. Governing information is now being viewed as critical to business success. However, in today’s age of information overload, both structured (e.g. databases) and unstructured (e.g. emails) data have become so substantial that database tools and analytic software techniques are no longer sufficient to manage it all. Read more

Live Sketchnoting @ UX Camp YEG

I was asked to live sketchnote UX Camp, a day of user experience presentations put on by UX Edmonton. Having sketchnoted UX Camp last year, as well as events like ‘Reimagining Shaw Conference Centre’ recently, my acceptance of invitations like this is pretty quick now. It is fast becoming something I love doing, regardless of the stress involved in drawing at speed in front of a large group of people. Read more

The Power of Investing in your Employees

In today’s highly-connected world, our employees and team members are faced with many distractions – from surfing the web and social media sites, the distractions of telecommuting, instant messaging and more. We are all expected to put in a full day’s work but measuring individual productivity can be difficult. While some organizations opt to ‘control’ their ecosystem through website blocking, monitoring of internet usage and other tactics, I believe that nothing drives accountability more than passion and investment. Read more

Project Zen

Years ago, I started off my career as a standard developer and quickly became aware of ones natural tendency to place projects on a spectrum of good/bad: Read more

Don’t Get Stuck Thinking You’re Awesome

Occasionally I see software developers referring to themselves as “senior”. I don’t really like the use of this term too much as I believe it means nothing.

“Hi, I’m a senior developer”

All I heard was “hi”, then some other words, then “developer”. We don’t need to negotiate status.

Don’t get me wrong, seniority can mean a specific thing inside of an organization – maybe there are pay grades expected by a union or a specific set of expectations and responsibilities that can be divided into different roles. And for lack of creative job titles, we end up with things like analyst I/II/III, or junior/intermediate/senior developer.

Read more