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Standing Out As A Candidate (Pt. 1)

Are you an Information Technology professional applying for new roles or considering making a change from your current employer? I am here to give you advice on how to stand out as a candidate in 2022 and beyond.

As a recruiter with over ten years of headhunting experience and representing some of the biggest companies in North America, working with thousands of candidates over the years has given me the opportunity to understand in depth what best practices to take in order to stand out as a candidate. This first part of this series will cover the necessary steps to follow when applying for a job posting and how to prepare for that first interview. The thought of applying for jobs can be scary because a lot of people have bad memories of applying to a job posting with enthusiasm only to never receive a call, email, or text regarding that application, but preparation can calm the fear.

I would recommend that any candidate read through the entire job posting to ensure they have the necessary advertised skills and experience before applying for the job. Once you have analyzed the details of the posting, make sure your resume reads to the exact strengths of the job description. I would always recommend having two to three resumes that each list your experience differently. The next step is making sure you’re doing your research on the organization you’ve applied to; you never know when the talent advisor might call you to conduct a screening interview. Start by reviewing the “About” section on their website as this will give you a better idea of the organization's identity. When you receive that call you should now be better prepared to understand how to speak on “what the company does”. This will always impress a recruiter as it shows you took the time to do research on the company. When on any call with any recruiter, talent advisor, or a People and Culture representative, it is very important that you find a quiet place where you can be far from distractions. First impressions are key. During that call it's important to be confident, friendly, and personable: the thought process should be “They called because I might have the technical fit that they need, now they would like to learn more about how I am a personality/corporate culture fit”. What does cultural/personality fit mean? It means being a strong communicator, being able to work well within their team dynamics, being able to embrace a new environment, and displaying adaptability in regards to the corporate values. 

The job posting gives you details on all the skills and experience the organization is looking for. Read it well and tailor your resume to match. Learn about the company so you're prepared for that screening interview. These are key first steps to standing out as a quality candidate in a competitive market.

Stay tuned: in the next part of this series we will talk about how the hiring process works. In the mean time, you can always view our current openings on our careers page!



About the author

Erick Garcia is an experienced recruiter with over 10 years of high-level recruitment. He started his recruitment career in under the agency banner where he had an opportunity to work with a portfolio of different clients from different industries and regions. Over his career, Erick has helped find new employment for over 500+ people across Canada and the United States. Erick is considered a professional match maker; he is passionate in helping people find the best opportunity for the career and future and is passionate in helping his organization find the best talent.

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Nikki is....Nikki of DKB is a multidisciplinary artist with work bridging mediums ranging from textiles to acrylics and everything imaginable in between. Her textile creations can be seen at

She writes “I was inspired by the complexities and often confusing world of being a job applicant, and the desire to stand out amongst what is often hundreds of other candidates while still ticking all the required 'boxes'.”