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QualityConf 2015 Sketchnotes

I had an amazing time at QUALITYCONF. I will jump at any chance to sketchnote some great topics from engaging speakers, and QUALITYCONF did not disappoint. This DevFacto event happened from March 27 to 29 at Stoneridge Mountain Resort in Canmore, Alberta.

This post is a collection of my favorite sketchnotes from each session, providing a Coles Notes experience of the event. The format was 30 minute talks padded nicely with discussion and break time. It made for some fantastic sessions and some difficult sketchnoting. Ideas and concepts were coming faster than I could draw them, so they are a little rough around the edges.

Day 1: Session 1

Mark Thiessen – Push: Building a Culture of Constant Improvement



Day 1: Session 2

Cheyney Wagner – Effective Business Analysis



Day 1: Session 3

Stephen Visser – Beyond Code



Day 1: Session 4

Alvaro Albanez – Team Dynamics and Habits for Quality



Day 1: Session 5

Taylor Reese – What is a Quality User Experience?

Stay tuned for a blog post detailing my talk on Quality UX: Start with the right model!

Day 2: Session 1

Brendan Shoemaker – Modern QA


Day 2: Session 2

Jason Rastovski – Customer Service that Delivers


Day 2: Session 3

Curtis Badke – Build, Package & Test Automation


Day 2: Session 4

Anthony Sopkow – Mentorship and Quality: Fostering Young Talent


Day 2: Session 5

Stephen Visser – Own It, Don’t Alone It


Day 2: Session 6

Mark Thiessen – No One Told Me: Things I Would Tell My Younger Developer Self


Day 3: Session 1

Alvaro Albanez – Quality Code by Example


Day 3: Session 2

Curtis Badke – Deep Thoughts with Curtis