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Quality Conf 16.2 is Ready to Roll!

At DevFacto, it is not often that we have the opportunity to gather our entire company in one city, but when we do, we make it count. This week, our colleagues are traveling to Edmonton from across the Prairies and in advance of our holiday party, we’ve dedicated an entire working day to learning and building relationships at ‘DevFacto Quality Conf’.

The second of it’s kind this year (thus ‘16.2’), Quality Conf is a full-day internal conference focused on sharing knowledge and getting to know our teammates. A number of sessions focused on everything from personal to technical growth, will be hosted at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald.

Featured Sessions

DiSC Assessments by Marcie Kiziak

DiSC is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. DiSC is non-judgmental and helps people discuss their behavioral differences. Participants will complete a series of questions in advance that produce a detailed report about their personality and behavior.

Interaction Design by Taylor Reese and Chris Kutt

We build solutions humans love to use. One of DevFacto’s core differentiators is that we create beautiful, usable applications. This seminar will provide an overview of key interaction design principles and a hands-on design session to learn how to apply the principles.

The New SharePoint Framework by Chris Buchanan and Vili Bogdan

Learn about the new SharePoint Framework – how does client side development change, how do you integrate with Microsoft Graph, what are new open source tools (Angular, React) you can use with SharePoint, where is the SharePoint Framework going?

Logging Like It Matters by Mark Thiessen

Can you make your apps easier to debug and support? Yes. Can you use logging data as a sales tool to help inform improvement and feature decisons? Yeah. We’ll talk about some tools that you can use to start making a difference now.

Intro to ReactJS by Chris Nissen

Just because React has a one-way data flow doesn’t mean this session will. Bring your laptop and an open mind.

Power BI Immersion by Camron Bute

We have partnered with Microsoft to deliver a series of very successful workshops in Power BI. In this session, you will learn how to quickly and easily begin working with the industry leading, agile business analytics tool, Power BI. Create a real world example from start to finish, developing the knowledge and skills to change your business with Power BI. You will learn how to collect and combine data from a variety of sources, get insight and business value from the data by transforming it into stunning visualizations, and publish your report to a Power BI environment.

Creating WOW by Lucas Scheer

Every interaction is an opportunity for WOW. Think through every communication, every meeting, every deliverable. Plan it out. Put yourself in the client’s shoes and interpret what we are saying from their perspective and fine tune your message. This session will lay out key customer interaction points and how we can WOW our clients.

Why Quality Conf?

Whether it is an internal conference, on-the-job training, coaching, mentoring, or in-house courses, internal training helps to develop motivated, skilled and effective teams. Our consultants learn an abundance of lessons throughout their client engagements, projects and external training, so Quality Conf is the perfect platform to share these lessons. Not only is it a great peer-learning opportunity, but coming together for a day of training – regardless of one’s position in the company – helps foster a stronger sense of team and community.

Follow Along

Follow along for more in-depth Quality Conf action throughout the day on our social media feeds using the hashtag #QualityConf and keep your eyes peeled on the DevFacto blog for a round up of our presentations and more, following the event!