Lessons from Nintex xchange 2018 Pt. 1: Introducing the New Era of Intelligent Process Automation

As shared in our previous blog post, DevFacto was recently in attendance as a sponsor at Nintex xchange 2018 in San Diego. The conference was a great opportunity to network within the Nintex community and it provided a unique perspective into how these thought-leaders are using the platform to automate processes across a number of industries.

The New Era of Intelligence

As the overarching theme, xchange attendees were introduced to a new Nintex era: an era of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA). Engaging on this topic with various product teams, evangelists and partner managers created a level of excitement that can only be conjured at these types of events. The event tagline itself, “An Intelligent Process Automation Conference” reflects the impact of this shift and Nintex’s dedication to pursuing it.

In his recent article on the topic, Nintex CMO Matt Fleckenstein writes, “The idea of digital transformation isn’t a new one. Established enterprises have been working to ‘keep up with the Joneses’ for nearly a decade now in an attempt to stave off emerging competition. But it’s not enough to simply keep up – now is the time to break away from the pack and step into the future. It’s time to automate, orchestrate, and optimize your workplace.”

This is where IPA comes in. Leveraging the power of humans, robotic process automation and machine learning, we can drive process automation into our various lines of business – resulting in more efficient, more effective and more competitive organizations. The key to success for most will be investing in an IPA platform that is trusted by IT yet simple enough for business users to engage with and enjoy.


“The days of POC are over. The technology works. Now it’s time to do.”
– Matt Fleckenstein, CMO, Nintex


Post Conference Potential: Making an Impact with IPA

Looking beyond the fancy mobile app, the slick conference marketing and the unified messaging, it became clear at xchange that those of us in attendance all share a unique set of characteristics: we are a group of people who are passionate about the potential for innovation in this new, intelligent processing era and we want to share what we’ve learned to help make an impact for our clients and partners.

And so, I invite you to join me for a series of blog posts in which we summarize the key takeaways from Nintex xchange 2018, from high-level insights to key session recaps and how we can work together to leverage this new era of intelligent process automation.

Interested in learning more about how DevFacto can help bring IPA to you?