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Don't Let COVID-19 Cripple Your IT Application Support

Helping you through your COVID-19 response

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and with 50% of the world’s population under a lockdown, many businesses find themselves supporting an entirely remote workforce. The gradual shift to cloud computing did a lot to help us manage this transition. Yet, the truth remains: most organizations aren’t designed to handle work that’s exclusively remote. Naturally, this puts IT organizations under new pressures to support an ever-increasing flood of requests from maintaining and supporting applications to enhancing the new ways of working. 

Remarkably, IT teams are progressing on remote work efforts at incredible speeds, moving systems in weeks rather than in months, according to Herb Schul, EY Americas Advisory Markets, Sectors and Solutions Leader. “Necessity and immediate need eliminate the typical barriers,” says Schul. “It’s been interesting to see the world adapt to working remotely so quickly.”

While supporting the core systems and applications that are running the remote business is essential, establishing and implementing a plan for business continuity is also at the top of IT leaders’ lists of priorities.

“There is undoubtedly a demand for maintaining the core environment and ‘keeping the lights on,'” says Ali Halat, Director of Managed Application Services at DevFacto. “But when this period ends, and it will, there must be a plan in place to recover from this merciless pandemic.”

We need to acknowledge that to weather this crisis and come out of it on the other end, IT leaders need to step back and evaluate their resources to determine where they should focus their time. Is it maintaining the surge of immediate requests or shifting over to focus on actions to prepare for profitable growth post-COVID-19?

We see a growing number of organizations struggle with allocating resources to maintain the core applications, while they adjust to the new normal and continue to respond to market needs. 

This is why we want to let you know we’re here to support you. To make the months ahead easier for your team, we have developed flexible and cost-effective application support services. Your situation is unique, and the challenges you’re facing evolve each day. We’ll help you support, manage, and enhance applications while ensuring continuity in the support model during the difficult months ahead. We’ll help balance day-to-day running with business continuity, and we will provide turnkey remote support. Our goal is to free up your teams to focus on strategic business needs. By augmenting your capacity and ensuring support coverage during this crisis, you will stabilize your operation support and maintenance. 

This is uncharted waters for everyone. Understanding what steps need to be taken today, while preparing for the shifts in strategy once the worst is over will be essential. The months ahead won’t be easy, but they can position your organization for growth when the pandemic subsides.