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Culture Counts: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em!

DevFacto: 7 years, 100+ consultants and a 97% retention rate. How do we do it?

In my previous role as an IT-Recruiter, it was my responsibility to source talented individuals for various clients throughout the city. At that time, I thought of DevFacto as a pool of exceptional talent that I wanted to tap into. Unfortunately for me, poaching from DevFacto turned out to be hopeless.

Throughout my headhunting experience, I learned that human beings are very curious. No matter how happy and content individuals were in their current role, they were always curious to see what else was out there. If approached with a new opportunity, the curiosity prevailed and they become intrigued to hear more. This was not the case with DevFacto employees; there wasn’t a single individual within the company that displayed such behavior. The moment that I brought up new opportunities, they would stop me in my tracks and state that they were not interested in hearing of working anywhere but DevFacto. It was a strange behavior and soon I became the curious one, wondering what caused this ‘cult-like’ thinking.

We often hear the phrase “If you can’t beat them, join them!” – so that’s exactly what I did. Now working for DevFacto it’s very clear that this company breeds a very special organizational culture. The culture tightly blends values and beliefs in order to link individuals, which in turn motivates and builds organizational synergy.

Corporate Culture - Las Vegas Trip

Anyone who has worked in more than one organization will recognize that there is something different about each. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish what this is, but just it feels different. Often, it is how people speak and interact with one another and the overall atmosphere. Within the first few weeks of working at DevFacto you begin to feel like a part of the ‘DevFactonian family’. There is an obvious sense of co-operation, openness, and social equality. From after hour get-togethers, to Vegas trips, to dodgeball games, everything points to creating a fun and light-hearted environment. Employees spend their Friday evenings at the office interacting and playing games (CEO included!), suggesting a true friendship that forms amongst them.

Engagement and Socialization
The importance of organizational culture translates into job satisfaction, which leads to reduced turnover rate and a reputation as an employer of choice. This in turn translates into the ability to attract the best candidate and achieve stellar performance. Company values and behaviors drive culture, culture drives employee fulfillment, and employee fulfillment drives customer satisfaction which translates to company success. Within DevFacto, employees are a strategic and key part of the business and making them feel valued is the key to company’s success.

Culture counts!