ECM Governance – Part One

If you were ever looking for a main cause for the failure of SharePoint implementations, look no further than ECM Governance.  Over the next couple weeks I am going to share some insights I have experienced with governance of enterprise content and what organizations need to do to ensure the successful implementation and use of solutions like SharePoint and OpenText Content Server. Read more

Storytelling in UX Design

Stories are everywhere

We might start our day consuming some news, move on to our inbox, and then sit down in a meeting. Most of these moments are presented to us as a story, and while that story might be more or less obvious in any given day, trust that our brain is looking for the plot on some level. Before humans had written language, we shared and stored information in the format of story. Whether we came wired that way or adapted to that thought pattern, the written word has only encouraged our brains to grow in that direction.

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401 ACCESS DENIED SharePoint 2007 Anonymous

“ACCESS DENIED 401.5” – On first load, canceling the prompt shows “401 ACCESS DENIED” but you can refresh the page and it works fine without any future prompt until app pool recycle.

I recently had the misfortune of trying to resolve an access denied issue in SharePoint 2007 running on a Windows 2008 OS, which means IIS 7.5 as the web host platform. The other web front end which was Windows 2003 with IIS 6 was working fine (don’t get me started on why they decided to mix and match the load balanced front end OS and IIS versions). Read more

Why Should I Care About Design Patterns?

I’ve occasionally come across developers who believe that the use of design patterns overcomplicates systems and results in code that is harder to understand. Read more