A Tale of Two Governances – Part One: Health Benchmark

When you read about governance, it is often focused on what I call the “foundational governance”.  In the case of information technology we focus on foundational information governance, or the way we intend to use our information within the organization. Read more

World Information Architecture Day YEG

Unfamiliar with information architecture? So was I until I attended the IA summit in San Diego last March. It was there that I first learned about World Information Architecture Day.  Read more

Three Common Cloud Misconceptions Clarified

When it comes to cloud, you have probably heard a variety of facts and figures being thrown around. However, there are several cloud concerns that are actually just common cloud misconceptions. In this post, I will discuss three of the most common concerns that I hear from clients to help clear up some of the confusion around what the cloud really is. Read more

ECM Governance – Part Five

In this post, I will finish off the definitions of the different principles and then we can move on from there to venture more in-depth about ECM governance. Read more

One Program to Manage It All: What is Information Governance?

Information value is growing substantially within today’s organizations. Governing information is now being viewed as critical to business success. However, in today’s age of information overload, both structured (e.g. databases) and unstructured (e.g. emails) data have become so substantial that database tools and analytic software techniques are no longer sufficient to manage it all. Read more

Off-site Data Backups with Azure

Keeping data backed up is essential for any organization, and keeping an off-site backup is essential for maintaining business continuity. Read more

ECM Governance – Part Four

In this post, we continue the description of different categories of guiding principles for a SharePoint implementation (note that these are not the only categories as some may need to be added or removed depending on the purpose of the solution).

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Assessing Your SharePoint Maturity

I find a common challenge with SharePoint is identifying where to go with it or what to do next. What is the greatest opportunity on which to focus your efforts?

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ECM Governance – Part Three

In my last post, we examined the idea of guiding principles and how they are used to set a foundation for our ECM. We identified several categories or “Areas of Impact” that these principles could be separated into and next, I would like to start by detailing the intent of each of those categories.

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ECM Governance – Part Two

In this post, I would like to continue along with the ECM governance work we previously started and delve further into the core of what defines governance: guiding principles.

If you want to consider implementing governance of any type, you are going to need to define a foundation on which to build rules for how things will be governed. Read more