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DevFacto Community Foundation: Software Innovation for Charities

We’re excited to announce the start of the DevFacto Community Foundation, a program that connects talented young developers with not-for-profit organizations to create software solutions that make a difference. Through the foundation, we want to help our local communities innovate the best way we know how – by building software that humans love to use. […]

What does Malcolm Gladwell have to do with consulting?

Everyone knows the famous Albert Einstein quote “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This phrase quickly comes to mind when we observe someone else’s struggles, but it’s less obvious when it comes to our own challenges. It’s hard to see clearly when we’re stuck […]

The DevFacto Internship Experience

For several years now, we’ve been running a co-op program in partnership with the University Alberta. In that time, we’ve had the chance to mentor many bright and talented students from the departments of computing science and computer engineering who chose to kick-start their careers with an internship at DevFacto. This week five of our co-op students share what it’s like to work in software consulting.

What to Measure: Identifying Standards for Internal Communication Measurement

Communicators are increasingly searching for ways to measure internal communication. But deciding what, why and how to measure can be challenging. Communication, after all, seems far removed from data science. Yet, the benefits of measuring internal communication are indisputable. With consistent, reliable data you no longer need to rely solely on gut feel when planning […]