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Can Internal Communication be Agile?

Are there lessons learned from how IT has grown up over the years that could make Internal Communications nimbler? Over the last several years, I have spent many hours talking to internal communication professionals worldwide. I have had the pleasure and privilege of learning from smart and driven individuals in the field. My background is […]

Create Your Content Once and Maximize Your Distribution

Create your content once and distribute it to as many channels as possible!  We’ve all heard one version or another of this statement. Creating the same content, shaped for different platforms, is error-prone and time–consuming. All too often, the tools supposed to help us write once, publish everywhere, don’t focus on that as a key feature. They quickly become burdened with tons […]

Corporate Communications on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has quickly become a vitally important tool of the enterprise, with employees greatly benefiting from its collaboration and immediate communication capabilities. However, Teams has also brought significant challenges for corporate communications, creating isolated tribes within the organization and leaving the leaders pondering: How to keep our company whole and our people unified? And how to make  sure everyone stays informed?

It’s more than just a hallway.

September 6, 2018 started as a regular day at DevFacto, our employees slowly trickled-in and got about their days. Some crafted code, some designed beautiful and meaningful experiences for our clients, others dealt with finance, sales and marketing. That morning the weather was colder than usual in Edmonton, Alberta, the air was more fall-like than […]