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From conferences and seminars to hackathons, exclusive presentations and everything in between, DevFacto thrives on expanding and finessing our skills – and we invite you to join us.

Mastering the SharePoint Framework

With Andrew Connell, Microsoft MVP and Founder at Voitanos

| Edmonton, AB

DevFacto Academy recently hosted Andrew Connell as he delivered his ‘Mastering the SharePoint Framework Course’ in Edmonton.  This 4-day course walked us through building and deploying custom code using the new SharePoint Framework that was introduced to SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016.

Hack Yourself First

With Scott Helme, Information Security Consultant and Founder at and

| Edmonton, AB

DevFacto Academy hosted Scott Helme as he delivered Troy Hunt’s ‘Hack Yourself First’ workshop in Edmonton. This 2-day course focused on teaching defensive skills in software developers.  We looked at security from the attacker’s perspective and considered the steps necessary to exploit vulnerable software on the web so that they could experience hacking first hand.

What is DevFacto Academy?

DevFacto Academy is your go-to resource for exclusive learning opportunities, from conferences to hands-on workshops and beyond. We’re opening the door and extending the training opportunities developed for our team to our clients and partners. Let’s learn together!


Make new friends, discover new ideas and get excited about all of the possibilities.


Get your hands dirty and deep-dive into new technologies. Our workshops will get you up and running in no time!


Join us virtually in real-time or on-demand to learn about a range of topics, from experts all over the world.


Test your crazy ideas surrounded by like-minded developers. Can you build a chatbot to do the laundry?


Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your desk (or couch – we don’t judge!)

Outside the Box:

The ways we learn are unique, so get inspired with other events that fall ‘outside the box’.

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