The Challenge

When Sturgeon County contacted DevFacto, they knew they needed to build an intranet, but they had a lot of questions. What should the complete solution look like? What are the priorities from a user perspective? What core functions should be included? Which features are most important? Prior to conducting a discovery and figuring out ‘how’ a new intranet would be developed, the team first needed to agree on ‘what’ the intranet’s final state would be.

The Solution

DevFacto guided Sturgeon County through two workshops to unlock knowledge about their business, generate innovative ideas, and build empathy and understanding amongst their users. The activities involved in DevFacto’s Inspiration Workshop helped identify the high-level key requirements for Sturgeon County’s intranet, while the Ideation Workshop generated specific ideas to address those key requirements. As a group, DevFacto and Sturgeon County were able to take these final ideas and progress them to a stage of low-fidelity prototyping.

Following the Inspiration and Ideation Workshops, Sturgeon County and DevFacto had identified three ideas that were moved into a low-fidelity prototyping stage. These prototypes will serve as the first three activities to be built on the company intranet.

Through the guided cycles of discussion, brainstorming, voting, and prioritizing, the team was able to define in detail, the end-state of their company intranet that would meet company needs most fully, thereby delivering maximum value upon implementation. Having a detailed end state as well as a prioritized list of actions means that for Sturgeon County, their discovery and implementation process will be significantly more effective and efficient.

The Ideation Engagement has empowered Sturgeon County to:

  • Start off on the right foot; the future intranet will have maximum impact on the business

  • Enable more effective and efficient discovery and implementation processes

  • Define current organizational gaps and develop a roadmap to the desired future state

  • Match their organizational needs to available cutting-edge technologies

  • Provide a detailed vision of the project to city council for approval

  • Create a plan and execute on the next steps of the process

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“DevFacto helped us to identify and understand our core needs from a 360° perspective, and they worked with us to develop a technically feasible solution plan to match”

-Sara Arial MacBride, Business Analyst, Sturgeon County

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