The Challenge

For more than 80 years, Finning has been working to earn customer loyalty by delivering unrivaled service. Their dedication to serving customers has helped the company to grow and spread their roots from British Columbia to become the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer, employing over 12,000 people globally.

Within Canada, Finning employs nearly 5,000 team members in a variety of departments and roles, from desk-based positions such as administration, to mobile workers with intermittent access to desktops, to non-desk employees working out in the field. With such a large segment of their workforce not working from a desk, communicating effectively with their employees had been a challenge.

Traditional means of communication such as email, newsletter and bulletin board were effective in some ways, however it was difficult for the communications department at Finning to get a clear understanding of whether their messages were getting through.

Nick Culo, General Manager of Corporate Strategy, Marketing and Communications, oversees corporate strategy, marketing, communications, customer experience and the digital/social departments at Finning. He understands the importance of connecting all employees to the organization – especially given the significant number of non-desk employees within Finning.

The Solution: Why Sparrow?

Culo and his team worked closely with DevFacto to develop a better solution for connecting with both non-desk and desk-based employees. Together, we created the Sparrow mobile app, which enables all employees to stay connected to company information and communication, regardless of where or when they are working.

By selecting and subscribing to channels, Finning employees receive the news that matters most to them – based on region, role, interest and more. More over, they can access this information whenever and wherever they need to be working, on their mobile device.

“Sparrow has allowed Finning to open communication channels with all of our employees, from the field to the office and beyond, providing opportunity to inform and engage wherever our team is working,” says Culo.

Measurements of Communication Success

Sparrow analytics provide a wealth of valuable information to Culo and his team, empowering Finning to make strategic and informed decisions when it comes to their internal communication initiatives:


Since launching in August of 2016, Finning has added over 4000 active users to their Sparrow platform – that’s nearly 80% of their Canadian employee base.


Nearly 39% of posts are read outside of business hours. Employees are reading Sparrow while sitting on the bus, enjoying a morning coffee, or whenever else is convenient.


At Finning, readership begins to decline when a post is longer than 200 words. Sparrow automatically reminds authors of this and other insights to help drive success.


Finning currently uses five different reactions (Like, Idea, Excited, Curious, and Concerned) to drive engagement with their content and add personality to their app experience.


Employees at Finning are 48% more likely to read a Sparrow article on Tuesday than on a Friday.


The average Finning employee reads 15 Sparrow articles each month.

“Our workforce spends little time at a desk and it’s been a challenge to keep people informed through traditional means. Sparrow allows us to deliver information through an easy to use and engaging mobile channel. It has revolutionized the way we connect and share knowledge.”

– Nick Culo, General Manager of Corporate Strategy, Marketing and Communications, Finning Canada

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