The Challenge

Carfinco provides automotive loans for new and used vehicles to Canadians utilizing a network of franchises and select independent partners. In order to improve their overall customer experience, Carfinco identified the need for a new and more expansive online customer journey.

Carfinco engaged DevFacto to lead an Ideation Workshop which resulted in a three-pronged strategic approach, including:

  1. Self-Service Portal: Online self-service capabilities for customers coming through the traditional dealer-buyer relationship.
  2. Direct to Consumer App: An innovative new way of interacting with current and potential customers.
  3. Corporate Site: Redefining Carfinco’s corporate online presence.

Armed with fully defined roadmaps and project plans, Carfinco needed a trusted IT partner to assist in implementing their new strategy.

The Solution

A successful project requires more than great code; it’s about partnership and working together to deliver software humans love to use. Following an insightful Ideation Workshop, Carfinco re-engaged DevFacto for the project implementation. With a deep understanding of Carfinco’s requirements, the transfer of knowledge to the development teams was detailed and efficient.

In order to ensure a smooth build, DevFacto utilized the roadmaps created during ideation along with:

  • regular and open communication of updates, timeline or budget risks
  • project backlog “Grooming Sessions” to ensure focus and alignment
  • MVP adjustments
  • team commitment to deliver an industry-leading product and customer experience

Self-Service Portal

With well established concepts from the ideation phase, DevFacto was able to begin creating a customer-centric self-service solution quickly.

The Carfinco Self-Service Portal was created as a responsive web application to ensure customers would enjoy the experience through both desktop and mobile access, while having functionality to manage their existing Carfinco loans and personal details.

Direct to Consumer App: AutoArriba

The direct to consumer app was a completely new and innovative idea; the first of its kind within the industry. Eventually branded as “AutoArriba”, the app was given a different look and feel to distinguish itself from Carfinco in the marketplace.

AutoArriba reached the goal of making private vehicle transactions easier by facilitating the loan application, approval, transfer of funds, sales agreement, and even onsite vehicle inspection. Once a loan is facilitated, consumers are then seamlessly directed to manage their loans in the Carfinco Self-Service Portal, connecting the two solutions and making life easier for consumers.

Corporate Site:

Carfinco’s online web presence had not been updated significantly for close to a decade. Following the Ideation Workshop, a new website platform was selected, the site content was refreshed and the overall user experience was enhanced with help from DevFacto UX teams.

In addition to improving the site for visitors, Carfinco site administrators now have the ability to easily manage their public facing content, add temporary marketing pages, and even change design elements as their strategy evolves.

The Outcome

Through carefully executed ideation and implementation engagements, the partnership has:

  • refreshed Carfinco’s entire online presence;
  • reduced customer service call volume (by providing a new customer self-service portal); and
  • introduced a new brand (AutoArriba) for interacting with clients at the beginning of their vehicle loan journey.

Each of these new programs work together to establish a digital foundation that transforms the way Carfinco interacts with consumers, while also providing a platform for future innovation.

“DevFacto is the IT partner that will work with you to develop and deliver your project vision on time, on budget, and better than your competition.”

Galen Gower, VP Business Development, Carfinco Financial Group Inc.

“DevFacto is a professional team that delivers on promises, communicates extremely well and shows exceptional project management capabilities.”

Troy Graf, Chief Operating Officer, Carfinco Financial Group Inc.

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