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About DevFacto

Unleashing happy employees to help organizations innovate and stay ahead with human-focused technology solutions will create happy customers.

Setting a new standard

In 2007, we decided to break away from the status quo and set a new standard:

  • To be a company that supports happy employees and partners with customers to provide everyone an amazing experience.
  • To challenge the industry and continually set the standard in business technology while developing usable, well-designed answers to real problems.
  • To be respected and sought after throughout the world for our deep expertise, talented employees, and high-quality work.

Transforming ideas into software humans love

We strongly believe there are ideas swirling through every human and every organization which if uncovered through a process of innovation and blended with the right technology, will transform the way you work.

Software takes many forms - sometimes it's a custom app built for mobile or the web and other times it's a data model and visuals providing humans that next level of insight. Whatever the form, you can trust  DevFactonians are focused on making sure the right thing is built with the right technology at the right time.

Building happy employees is a key to having happy customers

We were founded with the idea that there had to be a better way to treat employees, deliver tech projects, and provide a great work experience for everyone. Happy employees are our best approach to having happy customers.

Our original "business plan" called on finding the best people, providing them with the best work environment and supplying them with the best tools and equipment. We really only knew two things back then: 1) how to build great software and 2) how we liked to be treated as humans. That is the essence of our business and is represented in the Happy Employees equation you see today.


Preserving the DevFacto magic

Our values describe what we expect from each other and what you can expect from your interaction with every single DevFactonian. They are key when providing feedback and holding each other accountable.

Love your craft

It all starts with a passion for what you create. It doesn't mean you'll love every step but you know the pursuit of mastery takes focus and hard work.

Own the problem

Without individual accountability and creativity nothing else works. We assert self-management and don't walk away when things get tough.

Serve your customer

We are stewards of our customer's investment, timelines, goals, and future. In seeking to always understand we build empathy and a greater understanding.

Embrace the unknown

It's okay to feel uncomfortable because we work where many others can't — at the forefront of business transformation and technical innovation. Our curiosity and passion drive us as agents of change.

Win as a team

It takes a special quality to challenge each other and collaborate on positive outcomes. Individually we'll never have all the answers but together as a team we're unstoppable.