What’s in a Name? The Magic of the Sparrow

Why sparrow? It’s easy to take a sparrow for granted. Sometimes the same sentiment applies to internal communication. The truth is communication exists in organizations whether it’s strategically managed and measured or not.

Although sparrows are small, they are also powerful. We feel the same way about internal communication. It has a halo effect on all business results, connecting employees with business direction and their role in business success. At DevFacto we believe that happy employees equal happy customers, so we not only spend a lot of time communicating, we spend a lot of time listening and measuring the impact of internal communication on the business. Read more

The Call to Action: You Can Get What You Want

Sparrow Posts not only give you a way to communicate, they also let you get reader reactions and even ask them to perform certain tasks.

A “Call to Action” is simply the part of your post (or video) in which you explain to the reader what you need them to do once they’ve read your post. Read more