The Importance of Recognizing a Fundamental Shift

It was the fall of 1876 in the sleepy town of Brantford, Ontario. The town was not known for much yet — Wayne Gretzky would not be born here for another 85 years. However, something even bigger than the ‘Great One’ was imminent. Read more

Quantifying the Cross-Platform Conundrum

When I first started out as a mobile app developer, I was constantly struggling with the question of how to build the best experience on the most devices with the least effort. A survey of my peers offered little help – usually I get a passionate overview of a favorite platform, but invariably we end up with the same outcome: “It depends.” Read more

Making Good Apps Great

Making an app is fairly easy. You have an idea, scribble some mockups on a napkin, spend a month or two hunched over your computer and then release it to the world. The overwhelming majority of apps are average or maybe even good. Taking it to the next level is much harder. What makes a good app great?

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